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Dr. Pallavi Singh - Physiotherapist

Dr. Pallavi Singh (BPTh/BPT)

Physiotherapist  (Specialise in Foot Ankle and Lower Limb)


 Dr. Pallavi Singh (PT) has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 9 years. Since 2010, she is practising Podiatry & Lower Limb Biomechanics under the supervision of Australian Podiatrist Philip Vasyli at ORTHOFIT MUMBAI. She is  a certified Fitness Expert with more than 4 year experience in Fitness Industry. Along with that, she is also a Sports Physiotherapist at Stride fitness in Andheri.

The emphasis of her practice is to treat the cause rather than symptoms. For an effective management of symptom it is very important to do thorough physical examination. Based on the result of biomechanical evaluation, gait and posture analysis, she prescribe or dispense Custom Orthotics to correct Bio-mechanical alignment and the right distribution of pressure over the leg. She also suggest home exercise program as per the individual’s lifestyle and fitness requirement.



Janhvi Vayada (BPT, MPT)

Physiotherapist (Movement Analyst)

Janhvi Vayada has completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from one of the most elite institution Faculty of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.  She has gained 2 years of clinical exposure and 1 year of on-field interaction with athletes in contact and non-contact sports.
Key skills include biomechanical evaluation, kinanthropometry, prehabilitation prior to any joint surgery, post-operative functional rehabilitation after musculoskeletal or sports injuries like ACL repair, Meniscal repair and Joint arthroplasty.

Other musculoskeletal problems include shoulder pain, adhesive capsulitis, suprapinatus tendonitis, neck pain, cervical spondylosis, muscle strains, ligament sprains, osteoarthritis, meniscal injuries of the knee, problems related to running, ankle joint problems and spine problems including low back pain and sarco-iliac joint dysfunction.
Treatment is based on designing exercise protocols after taking patient history, symptoms and clinical findings and progression based on prognosis.
Functional training, Gait Training and ergonomic training are other areas addressed for the patients of all age groups.


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The correction has been amazing, it has put me back to my usual life full of activities

Female, 45 Yr, Enterpreneur Heel pain left>right - 1 Month April 7, 2015