Physical Therapy:

At stride fitness and mobility clinic patients are provided with an exceptional outpatient rehabilitation experience. The combination of modern techniques and human touch are synthesized to obtain optimal results. The encouraging environment and friendly staff helps the patient achieve their physical therapy goals with special consideration for the patient’s well being. At Stride fitness and Mobility clinic we are committed to 100% patient care.

What is Physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy is the diagnosis, treatment, management of body movement dysfunction and enhancement of the physical functional abilities and activities of daily living.
  • It includes taking detailed patient history, examination of the patient problem, evaluation and treatment by the physiotherapist.
  • Treatment is based on restoring, maintaining and promoting optimal physical function. Treatment includes recovery of current symptoms, prevention of the progression of dysfunction/functional limitations/disabilities that are a result of diseases/disorders/conditions and/or injuries.

What to expect as a patient

  • At Stride fitness and mobility clinic, you and your physiotherapist will work together in a quiet and comfortable environment towards recuperation. All our sessions including the initial evaluation requires up to 45 to 60 minutes. During the initial evaluation there will be a detailed discussion of your symptoms and desired outcomes with your therapist followed by a hands-on evaluation by the physiotherapist. Based on your goals, the requests of your referring physician and the results of evaluation, you and your physiotherapist will agree upon a treatment plan.


  • We offer a full range of orthopedic, sports and fitness testing in addition to treatment for disorders and injuries:
  • Treatment for injury to ankle/foot, knee, hip, shoulder, back/neck, elbow/hand.
  • Fitness evaluation: flexibility, strength, posture, balance, aerobic conditioning.
  • Foot orthotics
  • Sports injuries
  • Spine
  • Geriatric
  • Post-surgical functional rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy in vile Parle

 Treatment and technique:

  • Soft tissue mobilization and manipulation: Stretching, myofascial release.
  • Joint mobilization: Maitland technique, distraction.
  • Exercise prescription/progression: Home and clinical exercise programs are based entirely on the dynamic and functional approach which are required for activities of daily living or return to sports.
  • Postural education and gait training.


  • Ultrasound therapy.

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The correction has been amazing, it has put me back to my usual life full of activities

Female, 45 Yr, Enterpreneur Heel pain left>right - 1 Month April 7, 2015