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Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment

and Treatment

Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment Biomechanics is the study of the effect of internal and external forces on the human body and how our bones, muscles and ligaments work together to produce movement.
Under the assessment, the objective is to identify the underlying causes of any kind of pain associated with the lower limbs. We study the lower limbs functions closely to understand the structural and functional abnormalities.

Based on the assessment, our treatment includes any of the following:
-Exercise to strengthen lower limb muscles and improve flexibility, including self-exercise regime
-Orthoses, which are insoles for the patient’s footwear
-Footwear Advice, keeping in mind the patient’s body structure and lifestyle

Gait Analysis

Bio-mechanical kinetic chain forms the base of the movement of out feet, which simply means the movement at one joint creates a chain reaction and influences the movement at the other joints. As the chain works, the foot meets the ground at every step and forms a pattern. This walking cycle is called the gait analysis.

If there is any change if the way this bio-mechanics work, it can lead to discomfort with pain in feet, knee, hips or back or also poor posture. The root causes of this disturbance can be either Over Pronation or Supination. Over Pronation is the flattening of the foot arch due to the foot rolling in too much and Supination is just the opposite of this where the limbs rotate outwards.

To understand the above conditions, gait analysis is done either by manually observing the patients walk or run or by recording their video to do a detailed study.



To improve the joint functions, we recommend the patients with the exercises that will best suit their conditions. Our trained professionals help the patients to do these movements at the clinic and also educate them to do these exercises at home on a regular basis. We strive to provide a supportive environment and friendly staff to make this a comforting experience for our patients.



While we specialise in Podiatry, we assist patients regain movement and strength for any part of the body that might be effected. We are well-equipped with the right facilities at our clinic to provide relief to our patients and an exceptional outpatient rehabilitation experience.