• Good doctor satisfies the patient queries effectively, patiently listens to the patient problems and gives good suggestions. Has maintained an aesthetically good and well equipped clinic

    Mamta Singh - Visited for Gait (Walking) Training / Assistive Device Training
  • Gave plenty of time to listen, understand and explain the problem and advise remedial measures to overcome it.

    Y Singh - Visited for Foot Care
  • Experience was quite good. Very very professional, received personal touch and appropriate future advice.

    Visited for Soft Tissue Injury Management
  • Very efficient, friendly and good doctor. Have been nicely guided to the exact cause of the medical problem and applicable treatment measures.

    Visited for Foot Care
  • The exercises are helping me. Calf raises and stretching exercises are really very supporting and are helping me to walk correctly and have a correct posture. the doctors here are very supportive and are ready to help me anytime. I can drop by their clinic at my convenience and get my issues sorted. Otherwise I can call them up too in case I have any problem at home. The Ortho Slippers are helping me to have the correct arch in my foot which was lacking in me since childhood. Thank you orthofit for assisting me in my effort to reduce the pain from my foot and helping me get back to my normal self.

    Anamika Singh
  • All issues lucidly and effectively explained and so also ways to tackle them Doctors were receptive and keen to listen and give answers and solutions.

    Pradeep Nagar - Visited for Foot Care
  • I am looking forward to the physiotherapy sessions. The insoles provided were perfect and so far, have helped me manage my plantar fasciitis well. I am at least off painkillers and able to do moderate activity.The doctors are professional and caring.

    Krishna Murthi - Visited for Plantar Fasciitis Physiotherapy